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“We all deserve to be heard and we could all benefit from having the time and space devoted to just that. A safe, neutral place where we know we can be ourselves, free from judgement. The therapy hour creates the time for you and the therapy room gives you the space”

It can bring about a huge sense of relief to be able to talk to someone who knows how to really listen and understand the world from your perspective. Counsellors are experts at this; we have all – most of us – been in the client chair ourselves. It’s a unique relationship and one based on mutual trust and respect. Most people can benefit from counselling. It’s a gentle, un-ravelling process, often  with life changing consequences.

What Can You Gain From Counselling:-

  • More self-awareness and insight over your thoughts, feelings and actions.  Perhaps the past is holding you back?  You may have internalised certain beliefs about yourself from the past which may not serve you well in the present. May be now – with the right support – you can give yourself permission to let them go. Counselling can help you understand yourself more fully and give you a clearer picture as to how your past may have shaped you.
  • Seeing things from a different perspective on the experiences that are causing you pain or difficulty.  Exploring your concerns in a safe and confidential space creates the opportunity for some surprising insights which can bring about much needed relief. When we are in the midst of pain or suffering, it can be difficult to see things clearly and rationally.  Counselling helps you see through the “fog” and get more clarity. 
  • Increased intimacy and connection with yourself and others.  By understanding and having a better relationship with your own feelings and emotions, you will feel more connected, closer and secure in your relationships with loved ones.  As humans we are wired to  need connection just as much as we are wired to need food –  a lack of either leaves us feeling depleted and starved.  Counselling can help develop your capacity to love and be loved. 
  • Coping with persistent and difficult feelings.   Giving space to your emotions and feelings and being heard, understood and validated in therapy – sometimes for the first time in a long while –  can be a very reparative experience and can also bring about a renewed strength and motivation for living.   Counselling gives you the emotional space you may not be able to give to yourself right now.
  • Development of greater self-acceptance and self-worth.  The effect of feeling listened to, understood and accepted often leads to a feeling of relief, more confidence in yourself and an overall sense of well being. Counselling is good for you. 

“You may feel as though you are struggling alone, but you don’t have to cope alone. Talking to someone who’s trained to listen can enable you to move toward a better understanding of yourself and your life”

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