What Can You Hope To Achieve From Counselling With Me?

Greater self-awareness and insight about your thoughts, feelings and actions.   This gives you more clarity as to who you are and how you got here. Perhaps you feel the past is holding you back?  Armed with this knowledge and understanding can help you to make more conscious choices for yourself starting from now.

Seeing things from a different perspective on the relationships or experiences that are causing you difficulty. Exploring your concerns in the counselling space creates opportunity for some surprising insights and discoveries which can lead you to see things in a more enlightened  yet realistic and constructive way.

Increased intimacy and connections with yourself and others.  By understanding your relationship dynamics and what stops you from feeling safe enough to relate more closely, you can gradually begin to risk expressing your needs, to change the negative “dance” between you and your partner.

Coping with persistent and difficult feelings.  Giving space to your emotions and feelings and having them heard and validated  in therapy can be a reparative experience. Challenging  negative thoughts, understanding where they come from and whether they still hold true can also bring about relief. There are also mindfulness exercises that can be suggested in helping you cope with thoughts which persist.

Development of self-acceptance and self-worth.  

Being heard  and accepted for being you can also lead to increased self-acceptance,  confidence, a greater zest for life and ultimately peace of mind.

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