What Can You Hope to Get From Counselling?


More self-awareness and insight about your thoughts, feelings and actions.  Is the past holding you back?  Are you constantly being emotionally triggered or  being accused of over-reacting in certain situations? Understanding your underlying needs, where they originally stemmed from and whether they still hold true can help you to have more control over how you choose to respond.

Seeing things from a different perspective on the experiences that are causing you difficulty.  Friends and family can be supportive but can they really offer you non-biased support?  Exploring your concerns in the counselling space creates opportunity for some surprising insights and discoveries which can lead you to see things in a different light and to make decisions on your own terms.

Increased intimacy and connections with yourself and others.  Perhaps you feel at times as though you’re walking on eggshells in your relationship?  By understanding your own relationship dynamics and the fears which stop you feeling safe enough to get closer to your partner you can gradually start to risk revealing more of yourself  and change your negative interactions into positive ones.

Coping with persistent and difficult feelings.   You may feel as though no-one understands you or listens. Giving space to your emotions and feelings and having them heard and validated  in therapy can be a reparative experience and can also bring about a sense of relief. There are also mindfulness techniques that can be used to help you cope with persistent ruminating or over-thinking.

Development of self-acceptance and self-worth.  Being truly heard and accepted for being you will lead to greater self-acceptance, confidence and a more positive outlook on life in general.

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