Lessons in Life

How do you describe the strange limbo feeling when life slows down and everything around you fades away into insignificance? No-one teaches us what to do when life as we know it crumbles and we are left in the midst of ruin. Society has little time for our pain and yet we cannot see outside of it. We impose time limits and expectations on how long one is supposed to suffer.

Slowly, as I emerged from my own grief, I made a list of what I learned along the way and through therapy with my counsellor”    A. N.

  • I learned that my feelings cannot kill me, they will heal me.
  • I learned that sometimes it’s ok to just switch off and have a duvet day.
  • I learned that getting ‘closure’ doesn’t mean having all the answers and that I can live with not knowing.
  • I learned that I can play the ‘blame game’  till I’m blue in the face but that I became a stronger person when I stopped asking “why me?” and start asking “how is this blame helping me?”
  • I learned that I have a lot more to learn about myself.
  • I learned that the answers I was seeking outside of myself were to be found within.
  • I learned that there is nothing as precious as now, even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time.
  • I learned that I can never know what each day is going to bring but at its close, it’s up to me to know what the day brought.
  • I learned to cherish moments.
  • I learned that the pain does gradually subside.
  • I learned how to reach out to others.
  • I learned that crying is healing.
  • I learned there are no rules as to how I should grieve.
  • I learned that life is a journey, not a destination.
  • I learned to be grateful about things I used to consider as being of  insignificance.
  • I learned that however long the night, the dawn will break.




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