About me


I started my counselling career in 2007 as a voluntary counsellor in a bereavement charity in Camden, London.  Through the many people I saw who came through those doors, I learned that all of us experience bereavement or loss of one kind or another and that we all go through the grieving process in our own unique way.  There is no right or wrong way to grieve. The loss of connection to someone we love can be excruciatingly painful to bear alone and bereavement counselling can give you some much needed support.  If you are going through a bereavement or know someone who is, I have written some blogs which may of help which you will find in the Blog section of my website.

Before working as a counsellor I worked in the Legal profession.  The traits of perfectionism and pessimism are prevalent among lawyers and many who work in this field are prone to to anxiety and stress, mostly through work overload.  Sadly, this mostly went unnoticed since  there was (and still is to some extent) a stigma around acknowledging you had mental health problems.  No-one thinks twice about hiring someone to fix their boiler if it’s broken but there still isn’t quite that same openness about mental health or other hidden disabilities. Fortunately, times are changing and people are realising it takes emotional strength to seek counselling support.

Who I work with

Since being in private practice, I  have worked with people aged 18 – 75 from various backgrounds who find themselves in emotional distress or who are experiencing some kind of crisis or loss in their lives. I work effectively with couples who are experiencing relationship difficulties and individuals who are experiencing anxiety, depression, stess-related problems, relationship issues, self-esteem, managing emotions, etc. Not everyone who seeks counselling is necessarily in emotional crisis. You may have reached a ‘crossroads’ in your life and seek counselling support to explore where you are now and get clarity on the direction you wish your life to take.

Whatever your reason for seeking counselling, I would be happy to address any questions you may have in order for you to decide whether we can work together.

Telephone: 07940565603  maria.mead1@btinternet.com