What Is Counselling and How Does It Work?

  • manage your thoughts, emotions and feelings more effectively;
  • establish and manage boundaries in relationships
  • gain a new perspective on your situation;
  • stop repeating destructive patterns of behaviour;
  • make better choices in life;
  • feel hopeful about the future again

Counselling is often described as Talking Therapy.  It may be talking therapy to a point but it is more than just talk or being listened to. It is a unique experience and your own experience will be based on what you bring to the therapy space – as well as what I bring.

As a general rule, I believe counselling works because it gives you the opportunity to express yourself openly about how you feel. This is particularly important when it is about feelings which usually cause you to fear being judged or rejected. Expressing all emotions is important and essential to our mental and physical health.

There are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ emotions. They are all equally valid. However, you can be led to believe from an early age that it is wrong to have or feel strong emotions. This means you may have developed a tendency to keep your emotions closed off, even from friends and family. The problem with doing this is that you tend to forget or deny what makes you feel happy or sad and therefore you no longer have the capacity to feel good any more.  It may be difficult for you to avoid getting into situations or circumstances that make you angry or upset.

Contrary to what you might hope, ‘bad’ feelings do not go away just because you do not talk about them or try to ignore them – in fact they get worse. If you continuously suppress what you feel your moods are likely to become a walking ‘time bomb’. This may lead to angry outbursts, depression, alcohol/substance abuse, reckless or compulsive behaviour, etc.  If you continue to push your feelings down they begin to manifest themselves physically in your body.

Through counselling, you can learn how to manage your feelings and emotions more healthily and feel less weighed down by them or exhausted.

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