Hello, I’m Maria and I specialise in helping people overcome their personal barriers to creating and living more harmoniously with themselves, as well as loved ones. We all want and deserve to have more fulfilling relationships but unfortunately all too often we end up hurting those we love through self sabotaging behaviour and not being able to understand why or how to stop.

Working with couples (as well as individuals), I understand only too well that relationship dynamics can feel draining at times. I believe the key to a better relationship is developing a deeper connection with one another. I help couples get beneath the hurtful exchanges of words or behaviour and hear each other from the heart, not the ego. My counselling room is warm and welcoming and I treat all my clients with kindness and respect.

Goals of therapy

As well as working on goals we set together, the general goals of therapy enable you to:-

  • take stock of your situation, values and beliefs;
  • successfully negotiate and come to terms with past, present and future difficulties;
  • become more truthful with yourself;
  • widen your perspective on yourself and the world around you;
  • find clarity on what your purpose in life is and how you can learn from the past to create something valuable and meaningful to live for;
  • understand yourself and others better and find ways of effectively communicating and being with others.

Choosing the right Counsellor for you

From personal experience, I know that choosing a counsellor or psychotherapist who is the right ‘fit’ is crucial to the healing benefit of the work.  That’s why I’m more than happy to have a free no obligation chat with you first over the telephone, so that I can answer any concerns or questions you may have. Do therefore leave a message (if I can’t pick up) or email me your contact details below and I promise to get back to you within 24 hours or sooner.

Tel: 07940565603 – Maria Mead

Email: maria.mead60@gmail.com