Hello, I’m Maria and I specialise in helping people become the best versions of themselves they can be.

I have practiced since 2008 and have worked with both couples and individuals.

For the past 8 years, I have specialised more in working with people who recognise they are stuck in cycles of unhealthy behaviour.

For example, being in a family or relationship where you suppress your feelings and emotions in order to please. This type of behaviour doesn’t just affect your mental well being, but it can lead to physical stress on your body, such as high blood pressure, memory and self-esteem.

More often than not, we repeat cycles because we repeat the choices we’ve made in the past. We are prone to act on autopilot, which means we tend to react to situations instead of being able to thoughtfully respond to them.

Changing old habits is never easy. It often takes a crisis or breakdown before people summon the strength and courage to take decisive action. Counselling gives you the opportunity to break old patterns of relating to difficult situations which no longer serve you and build new ones that do. We all deserve to become the best version of ourselves we can be.

Goals of therapy

The goals of therapy are to enable people to:

  • take stock of their situation, their values and beliefs;
  • successfully negotiate and come to terms with past, present and future difficulties;
  • become more truthful with themselves;
  • widen their perspective on themselves and the world around them;
  • find clarity on what their purpose in life is and how they can learn from the past to create something valuable and meaningful to live for;
  • understand themselves and others better and find ways of effectively communicating and being with others;

Choosing the right Counsellor for you

From personal experience, I know that choosing a counsellor or psychotherapist who is the right ‘fit’ is crucial to the healing benefit of the work.  That’s why I’m more than happy to have a free no obligation chat with you first over the telephone, so that I can answer any concerns or questions you may have. Do therefore leave a message (if I can’t pick up) or email me your contact details below and I promise to get back to you within 24 hours or sooner.

Tel: 07940565603 – Maria Mead

Email: maria.mead60@gmail.com


I am Maria Mead and for as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a natural curiosity about human nature. My first counselling role since qualifying in 2008, was working voluntarily for Camden City Islington Westminster Bereavement Service. 

Loss comes in so many ways. It’s a life affirming experience to be able to offer a safe and confidential space for people to explore and give voice to their pain and difficult feelings and one I feel very privileged to have been a part of.  Since then, I have worked both in the public and private sectors with individuals and couples of all ages and diverse backgrounds

My Approach

I would describe my approach to counselling as relational.   I place great emphasis on the relationship between myself and my clients, since I believe the primary healing tool in counselling is the ‘relationship’.  Working with people as unique individuals and not labels is my philosophy and this lies at the heart of my approach.

Counselling Technique

I offer an integrative style of therapy; which basically means I will combine and use principles, skills and knowledge from several specific therapy approaches, tailored to support your individual needs and personality.

Integrative therapy is also about integrating you as a person.  It involves looking at how the different parts of you work together – how your thoughts, emotions, behaviours, as well as physical and spiritual health are working together. The aim is not to ‘change’ you, but to help you find balance within yourself.

Training and qualifications

Advanced Level 4 Diploma in Integrative Counselling accredited by British Assoc. of Counselling & Psychotherapy. Accredited member of National Counselling Society

Externship training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. Emotion Focused Therapy is based on the idea that emotions are not the only important factors in our lives, but the key to who we are. The theory behind EFT proposes that we construct our very selves based on emotion (Greenberg, 2004).

Graduate of the Couples Institute (USA). The Couples Institute takes a developmental approach to relationship work drawing on different therapeutic approaches, including Attachment theory, Differentiation theory and Neuroscience.

Bereavement training (run by Cruse) with Camden, Westminster, City, Islington Bereavement Service and various other workshop training, including Mindfulness, Compassion Focused Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy with the British Psychological Society.

Tel: 07940565603

Email: maria.mead60@gmail.com


Relationship dynamics can feel exhausting, especially if you are stuck in a repeating pattern of destructive behaviour.

Couples often argue about issues such as jealousy, money, sex, children, loading the dishwater, etc. The root of these arguments often stems from one partner not feeling connected, not trusting and feeling unsafe with the other partner.  Because the person you are attached to is unavailable or not responding to your needs to feel close or supported it can cause you emotional distress.  As a result you may feel anxious,angry, fearful, numb, withdrawn, hopeless, lost, etc.

Due to our relationship histories and the negative patterns we get into with our partners, many of us have difficulties with trust and in expressing emotions to those who mean the most to us.  As a result of this we develop habit-forming ways of reacting to our partners.

The main aim of couples counselling is to work on exploring those patterns and work on changing the negative interactions between you in a neutral, safe, non-judgemental  and confidential environment.

Before long, couples usually begin to recognise and eventually express their underlying needs for love, support, protection and comfort that are often hidden or disguised by angry exchanges of words, resentment, sulking, stonewalling, etc.  Partners can then begin to listen with their heart.  This doesn’t mean listening for the meaning of a partner’s words in the literal sense;  it means, listening for the feelings that lie beneath the words.  In return, the other partner is better able to respond from their heart in kind.

I view the building of safety and trust in your relationship as crucial in order to be able to re-connect with one another.

Once safety and trust are restored, it will then become easier to manage conflict and the difficult feelings and emotions that generally arise during disputes

Telephone: 07940565603



How much will it cost?

£50 per session – individuals

£70 per session – couples

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions needed varies according to your individual needs. Some people are goal orientated about what they want from counselling and find 6 – 12 sessions is sufficient.  You may require a more open-ended arrangement, depending on your situation. This is something we can clarify and discuss together when we meet.

How often should I come for counselling?

Initially, I offer weekly sessions.  Most people accept a day and time slot  which is attainable for both of us.   I am committed to showing up consistently, being fully present with you and supporting you through the counselling process to the best of my ability. In order for you to reap the benefit of counselling, I do require the same commitment from you.

What if I can’t come for a session?

If you need to cancel, I will require at least 48 hours notice or you will be charged in full for the missed session.  Full details of my cancellation policy is set out in my Terms and Conditions, a copy of which I will send you by email prior to your first session


Counselling involves the discussion of sensitive, personal information. This information, in conjunction with the identity of a client, will not be disclosed by me Maria Mead to external parties, other than in the following exceptional circumstances, under which I reserve the right (or may be bound by law) to break confidentiality:-

Where I have reason to believe that there is a serious risk of harm to a client or others with whom a client may come into contact. Under these circumstances, I may need to consult a supervisor or other health professional. I will always attempt to discuss this with the client beforehand, but under certain circumstances (e.g. where life is at risk) this may not be possible.

Telephone: 07940565603  maria.mead60@gmail.com