A few benefits of counselling – Maria Mead

Develop more self-awareness and insight – over your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Counselling can help you get a clearer picture as to how your past may have impacted on the way you think about situations and why you react the way you do.  This awareness is your first stepping stone to changing unwanted patterns of behaviour. 

Seeing things from a different perspective – on the experiences that are causing you pain or difficulty.

Counselling helps you view your situation through a different lens, with a new understanding and more acceptance.  Together, we will challenge internalised core beliefs about yourself.  You can then choose whether it’s in your interests to hold on to them or let them go.

Increased intimacy and connection – with yourself and others.  Through the counselling relationship, you can develop more self-acceptance and compassion towards yourself, which in turn allows you to show more tolerance and compassion towards significant others in your life.

Counselling can help develop your capacity to love –  and be loved.  Developing self-compassion can be difficult if you recognise you have a critical inner voice, perfectionist streak or extremely high expectations. Making friends with that voice isn’t easy!

Coping with difficult feelings – Giving space to your thoughts, feelings and emotions and having them accepted and validated in the therapy session can bring about a sense of relief.

Counselling helps you realise that ALL your feelings are valid and matter.

Learn how to regulate your emotions –  when you are ‘flooded’ ór ‘triggered’ by your emotions, it can seem impossible to calm yourself down.  It is vital for both your mental and physical well-being to be able to do this.

Counselling can help you to get a better handle on your emotions and manage situations which are likely to fuel them more effectively.

Learn how to self soothe –  when you are in the midst of conflict it can be so difficult not to react strongly and say or do hurtful things you may later regret.

Counselling helps you discover ways in which to de-escalate and self soothe so you can handle relationship conflict more effectively.

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